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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Increased sophistication in customer requirements and greater competition, have pushed the industry towards higher and higher levels of efficiency in an effort to meet customer needs and cut costs. One of the results of this drive has been the outsourcing of goods and services to third parties, in a way that has inexorably bonded the supply chains of operators, contractors and suppliers.

The question today is whether increased efficiency in the way individual companies are run is going to provide the industry with the performance improvements it seeks, or whether a new approach is needed which takes into account the whole Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Management is about managing the flow of information, materials, services and money across any activity, in a way which maximizes the effectiveness of the process. It is about introducing new tools or revising well-known techniques in an effort to ask ourselves: “Is this the right thing to do” rather than “Is this the best way we can continue to do the same thing”. This is a continuous process, not a one-time fix.

In short, successful Supply Chain Management will reduce the costs of both clients and suppliers, while sustaining or improving added value and margins. Consequently, companies that have effective supply chains are most successful.
Modern Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd extensive network of more than 130 warehouses and distribution facilities across World provide our customers with a large storage capacity that can be available at short notice and altered to suit demand. This flexibility is essential for businesses facing volatile market conditions or experiencing decline or rapid growth.

We offer a range of temperature-controlled warehousing, ambient storage, food grade storage, frozen and chilled storage sites, so your goods will always be stored correctly and to the highest standards.

We can also provide bonded warehousing options for improved cash flow.