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Consumer GoodsElectronics (e.g., Smartphones, computers, TVs)
Clothing and Apparel
Household Appliances
Industrials GoodsMachinery and Equipment
Automotive Parts
Construction Materials (e.g., steel, cement)
Chemicals and Raw Materials
Food and BeveragesFresh Produce (fruits, Vegetables)
Packaged Foods
Beverages (e.g., wine, beer, soft, drinks)
Frozen foods
Consumer ProductsToys and Games
Sporting Goods
Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
Home and Garden Products
Raw Materials and CommoditiesMetals (e.g., steel, aluminum)
Paper and Pulp
Agriculture Products (e.g., grains, coffee, cocoa)
Petroleum and Petrochemical Products
ChemicalsIndustrial Chemicals
Hazardous materials (handled with special care and regulation)
Textiles and ApparelFabrics
Accessories (e.g., shoes, bags)
Luxury GoodsHigh-end Consumer Products (e.g., designer clothing, Fine wines and Spirits)
E-commerce GoodsOnline Retail Orders
Small Parcels and Packages
Specialized CargoLive Animals (e.g., Livestock)
Oversized or Heavy Equipment (e.g., project cargo)
Reefer Containers for Temperature-Sensitive Cargo (e.g., fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals)