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Chartering Shipping

Chartering Shipping Services
Chartering shipping involves the rental of an entire vessel or part of its cargo space for transporting goods. This method is particularly beneficial for businesses with large or specialized cargo that may not fit standard containerized shipping options. Chartering offers flexibility and customization to meet specific transportation needs.

Types of Chartering
Voyage Charter: In a voyage charter, the charterer rents the vessel for a specific voyage between designated ports. The shipowner manages the vessel’s operations, including crew and fuel costs. This is typically used for transporting bulk commodities like grain, coal, or oil.

Time Charter: With a time charter, the charterer leases the vessel for a specific period. The charterer has operational control over the vessel, determining its voyages and cargo, while the shipowner retains responsibility for the vessel’s crew and maintenance. This option offers greater flexibility in scheduling and route planning.

Bareboat Charter: In a bareboat charter, the charterer leases the vessel without crew or provisions. The charterer assumes full responsibility for the vessel’s operation and maintenance during the charter period. This type of charter is often used for longer-term projects and can be customized to the charterer’s specific requirements.

Advantages of Chartering Shipping
Flexibility: Chartering offers significant flexibility in terms of scheduling, routes, and cargo types, allowing businesses to tailor the shipping process to their unique needs


Cost-Effectiveness: For large shipments or specialized cargo, chartering can be more cost-effective than traditional shipping methods, as it eliminates the need for multiple smaller shipments.

Customized Solutions: Chartering provides the opportunity to customize the vessel and services to match the specific requirements of the cargo, ensuring safe and efficient transportation.

Our Chartering Shipping Services
Extensive Fleet Options: We offer a wide range of vessels for charter, including bulk carriers, tankers, and specialized ships, to accommodate various cargo types and sizes.

Expertise and Support: Our team of experienced professionals provides expert advice and support throughout the chartering process, from selecting the right vessel to managing logistics and operations.

Global Reach: With a global network of partners and contacts in the shipping industry, we can facilitate chartering services to and from major ports worldwide, ensuring seamless transportation solutions.

Industries Served
Bulk Commodities: Industries such as agriculture, mining, and energy rely on chartering services to transport bulk commodities like grain, coal, and oil efficiently.

Project Cargo: Chartering is ideal for transporting oversized or heavy project cargo, such as industrial machinery, construction materials, and infrastructure components.

Specialized Cargo: Businesses with specialized cargo requirements, such as chemicals or temperature-sensitive goods, benefit from the tailored solutions provided by chartering services.

Chartering shipping offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses with large, specialized, or unique cargo requirements. With our extensive fleet options, expert support, and global reach, we provide customized chartering services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.