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Ro-Ro Shipping

RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) services are a type of shipping method specifically designed for cargo that can be rolled onto and off of a vessel, typically because it has wheels. This method is particularly suitable for various types of vehicles and equipment, ranging from passenger vehicles and trucks to heavy machinery and even boats. Here’s a breakdown of RoRo services

What Can You Ship Using RoRo services?

– Passenger vehicles

– Trucks and heavy goods vehicles

– Vans

– Construction and mining equipment on wheels

– Recreational vehicles (RVs)

– Trailers

– Railroad carriages

– Specialist vehicles

– Boats, including yachts

– Mobile homes, caravans, and RVs


Key Differences Between RoRo and Container Shipping

– Loading Method: RoRo involves rolling vehicles or cargo onto and off of the ship using ramps, while container shipping uses cranes to lift containers on and off the vessel.

– Cargo Preparation: With RoRo, cargo doesn’t need to be packed into containers, making it a simpler and often cheaper option compared to container shipping.

– Speed: RoRo shipping is generally faster due to its simplified loading process.


RoRo Benefits

– Simplicity and Cost-Effectiveness: RoRo is often the simplest and cheapest option for shipping cargo with wheels, as there’s no need for containerization.

– Speed: Since there’s no extensive packing process, RoRo tends to be faster than container shipping.


When to Use RoRo services?

For vehicles or cargo with wheels: RoRo is ideal when shipping vehicles or equipment that can be driven or rolled onto the vessel.

 When personal belongings aren’t needed to be shipped: RoRo doesn’t typically allow personal belongings to be included with the cargo, so if you need to ship personal items, container shipping might be a better choice.

When seeking a simple and fast option: RoRo provides a straightforward and efficient shipping method, particularly suitable for those looking to keep costs low.


In summary, RoRo services offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for shipping vehicles and wheeled cargo, providing a faster alternative to container shipping for many types of goods.