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Container Types & Specification

Dimensions–Internal20′ Standard40′ Standard40′ High Cube
Length:5,900 mm12,036 mm12,036 mm
Width:2,350 mm2,350 mm2,350 mm
Height:2,393 mm2,393 mm2,698 mm
Door Opening Width:2,340 mm2,340 mm2,340 mm
Door Opening Height:2,280 mm2,280 mm2,585 mm
Cubic Capacity:33 m367 m376 m3
Weight & Payload:
Tare Weight
(Design Estimate):
2,230 kg3,660 kg3,840 kg
Maximum Gross Weight:30,480 kg32,500 kg32,500 kg
(Prior to 2009):(30,480 kg)(30,480 kg)
Maximum Payload:28,250 kg28,840 kg28,660 kg
(Prior to 2009):(26,820 kg)(26,640 kg)
Strength Tests
7,260 kg*7,260 kg*7,260 kg*
Stacking Height:8 High8 High8 High
Stacking Test Load per Post:96,012 kg96,012 kg96,012 kg
Cargo Lashing System
Lashing Rings:8 per side16 per side16 per side
Lashing Bars:2 per corner 2 per corner2 per corner
Dimensions–Internal20′ Open Top40′ Open Top
Length:6,058 mm12,192 mm
Width:2,438 mm 2,438 mm
Height:2,591 mm 2,591 mm
Length:5,902 mm12,036 mm
Width:2,350 mm2,350 mm
Height:2,348 mm2,348 mm
Dimensions–Door and Roof Openings:
Minimum Door Opening Width:2,340 mm2,340 mm
Minimum Door Opening Height:2,280 mm2,280 mm
Minimum Roof Opening:
Width Between Top Rails:2,252 mm2,232 mm
Length Between Top Headers5,674 mm11,798 mm
Length Between Troughs:5,378 mm11,512 mm
Header Opening:
(Header Removed):

Width Between Stubs
Removable swing header capable of swinging 90 degrees to either side
1,940 mm1,940 mm
Tare Weight:
(Design Estimate):
2,300 kg3,800 kg
Maximum Gross Weight:2,300 kg3,800 kg
Minimum Net Weight:28,180 kg26,680 kg
Strength Tests
Floor:7,260 kg*7,260 kg*
Stacking Height:8 High8 High
Stacking Test Load per Post:96,012 kg96,012 kg
* Five passes with ISO compliant test vehicle
Dimensions–Internal20′ Flat Rack40′ Flat Rack40′ Flat Rack XL
Length (Base bottom casting):6,058 mm12,192 mm12,192 mm
Width (Base bottom casting):2,438 mm 2,438 mm2,438 mm
Height (Base bottom casting):2,591 mm 2,591 mm2,591 mm
Deck Height (Base bottom casting):370 mm648 mm648 mm
Bottom Side Rail Camber Height
(At midpoint, unladen, unstacked):20 mm45 mm50 mm
Stack Height (20′:7 folded; 40′:4 folded):2,591 mm2,591 mm2,591 mm
Length (Between end panels):6,038 mm 12,180 mm12,172mm
Width (Between hinges at floor level):5,552 mm11,686 mm11,630 mm
Width (Over bottom side rail):2,210 mm2,380 mm2,374 mm
Strength Tests
Concentrated Load:
Over center 2 meter span:36,000 kg 40,320 kg 45,700 kg
Floor:7,260 kg* 7,260 kg* 7,260 kg*
Lashing Bars:5,000 kg*5,000 kg*5,000 kg*
Stanchion Pockets:500 kg*500 kg*500 kg*
Stacking (per post):104,000 kg104,000 kg97,200 kg
Cargo Lashing System
Lashing Bars (per bottom rail):4†4†64†
Lashing Bars (per end sill):4†4†6†
Stanchion Pockets (per bottom side rail):555
Exterior Construction:
Front and Rear Frame:Hot zinc spray high tensile steel
Roof Panel:High grade stainless steel
Side Panel:Muffler grade stainless steel
Top and Bottom Rails:Hot zinc spray high tensile steel
Crossmembers/Floor:Aluminium or steel/Corrugated
Genset Receptacles:Yes
Dimensions – Internal20′ Standard40′ Standard40′ High Cube
Length:5,440 mm11,583 mm11,583 mm
Width:2,294 mm2,294 mm2,294 mm
Height:2,276 mm2,276 mm2,548 mm
Door Opening Width:2,294 mm2,294 mm2,294 mm
Door Opening Height:2,264 mm2,264 mm2,571 mm
Cubic Capacity:28.4 m360 m367.7 m3
Weight & Payload20′ Standard40′ Standard40′ High Cube
Tare Weight
(incl. machinery):3,140 kg4,900 kg4,575 kg
Maximum Gross Weight:27,000 kg32,500 kg34,000 kg
Maximum Payload:23,860 kg27,600 kg29,425 kg
Interior Construction20′ Standard40′ Standard40′ High Cube
Roof Panel:Aluminium, one piece, with small corrugations
Side Panel:Stainless steel, corrugated panel
Doors:Aluminium sheet
(high aluminium extruded T shaped)
:40.0 mm63.5 mm63.5 mm
Drains:2 front and 2 rear
General20′ Standard40′ Standard40′ High Cube
K value
(heat leakage incl. machinery):21.0 kcal/hr/°C21.0 kcal/hr/°C21.0 kcal/hr/°C
Max Air Leakage (@ 25 mm SWG):5.0 m3/hr5.0 m3/hr5.0 m3/hr
Tests20′ Standard40′ Standard40′ High Cube
Floor Strength
(axle load)
:7,260 kg7,260 kg7,260 kg
Stacking Height:9 High9 High9 High
Stacking Test Load per Post:97,200 kg97,200 kg97,200 kg
Container Classification:Bureau Veritas
Thermal Test:In compliance with ATP standard
Airflow and Ventilation Rate:In compliance with ATO/DLO (Sprenger approved)